Xpress Transport Solutions is a division of Xpress Group a family owned company and pride ourselves on our personal service, competitive prices, fast delivery and our consideration for the environment.

Providing outstanding personalised customer service is very important to us, which is why each of our customers are assigned a customer services representative as a first point of contact.

This enables us to handle our customers transporting needs in an efficient manner, as well as allowing our customers to concentrate on what is most important to them, their business.

There is no need for customers to mess around; we simply get the job done.

Our competitive prices are determined by a specialised calculating system which allows us to give our customers an on the spot quote for transport.

Our delivery service is quick with roughly a two day turn around time.

With our environment in mind, at Xpress Transport Solutions we have strict guidelines in place to reduce our company’s carbon foot print. These stringent guidelines are diligently adhered to by all staff.

As family owned company we truly value our customers and are always striving to provide a service that is well above the industry standard. Understanding the needs of our customer is fundamental, so give us a call today to see how we can help you.

Xpress Transport Solutions is 100% Australian owned and operated.

If you’d like to discuss Xpress Transport Solutions products and services further,
call (02) 9618 3736.


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